Occupational safety Vario-/ Powerpress


The ‘Occupational safety ASF (FAUN VARIOPRESS/ POWERPRESS)’ training course looks at the following lessons and learning goal checks:

  • Safety
  • Design
  • Operation
  • Function
  • Daily Maintence

  • Safety information
  • Operator duties
  • Personnel requirements
  • Work and danger areas
  • Warning signals
  • Overview of components
  • Assembly description: Hydraulic system
  • Assembly description: Control elements
  • Assembly description: Lights and displays
  • Assembly description: Design and tail part
  • Activation
  • Safety/emergency stop
  • Prepare collective ride
  • Collective ride
  • Deactivation
  • Function description: Compression mechanism
  • Function description: Alarm/error messages and warning information
  • Function description: Operating modes
  • Maintenance works that needs to be done daily by the operator.


An overall system on the carrier vehicle for loading, compacting and emptying household and commercial recycling and waste materials. It is also referred to as a machine.

Combination of the superstructure and carrier vehicle.

Part of the superstructure into which the recycling and waste materials are loaded.

Part of the superstructure to load and empty the superstructure collection tank.

Household and commercial waste bins that need to be emptied.

Device on the tail part to which the tipping device is mounted

Part of the superstructure to load and empty the superstructure collection tank.

Device on the tail part for lifting the LRC.

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  1. The Occupational safety RCV (VARIOPRESS/ POWERPRESS) Course rating


    I think this course is very precise and to the point and explains all of the aspects of Safety quite thoroughly. The whole course is very intuitive and the quizzes were well made and portioned appropriately. I enjoyed doing this course a lot.


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