This training course explains parts and the installation position of the hydraulic system.


The term hydraulic refers to the transfer of forces and movements by means of a pressure fluid.

Forces and movements can be transferred hydraulically in machines.

Hydraulic systems that fulfil these functions are called hydrostatic drives.

The ‘Hydraulic’ training course addresses the following lessons and learning goal controls:
  • Basic system structure
  • Tank components
  • Filling level
  • Venting filter
  • Return filter
  • Pump
  • Front control block
  • Rear control block
  • Maximum pressure setting
  • Pressure setting telescopic cylinder
  • Pressure setting press plate
  • Carrier plate and press plate

1. Lesson “Basic system structure”

  • Parts and installation position of the hydraulic system

2. Lesson “Tank components”

  • Hydraulic oil tank. Structure
  • Hydraulic oil tank. Tasks

3. Lesson “Filling level”

  • Pressure fluids
  • Change hydraulic oil

4. Lesson “Venting filter”

  • Change venting filter

5. Lesson “Return filter”

  • Change filter
  • Filter types

6. Lesson “Pump”

  • Pump overview
  • Hydraulic pump drive
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Replace hydraulic pump

7. Lesson “Front control block”

  • Hydraulic control valves functions

8. Lesson “Rear control block”

  • Components

9. Lesson “Maximum pressure setting”

  • Main pressure setting on the front control block

10. Lesson “Pressure setting telescopic cylinder”

  • Loading mechanism setting on the rear control block

11. Lesson “Pressure setting press plate”

  • Setting for the holding pressure of the press plate on the rear control block

12. Lesson “Carrier plate and Press plate”

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  1. The Vario Press Course Rating


    I think this course is very comprehensive and has been designed very cleverly. The whole course is fantastic and very intuitive. The quizzes were well made and portioned appropriately. It explains all of the components of the Vario Press and the way the concepts have been explained through videos and pictures was splendid and made the course very enjoyable overall.


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